List of Programs

General Mediation Services
Personal Injury, Construction, Real Estate, Employment Contract and other disputes may be scheduled for mediation at The Mediation Center. Please call to have information sent to you to begin the scheduling process. The cost for general mediation is $375 per party for a three hour session

Family/Divorce Mediation Services
Divorce, Custody, Support, Property Division, Time-Sharing and other issues may be scheduled for mediation at The Mediation Center. Couples may call for information about scheduling mediation. They may attend with or without their attorneys in a divorce matter. Family mediation allows couples or families to resolve disputes in a less adversarial way, preserving the relationship or terminating it in an easier way. When issues involve children, mediation allows parents to work out agreements that are in the best interest of their children, thus reducing the conflict they are exposed to. The cost for a 3- hr. mediation is $375 per party.

Circuit Court Family Motion Hour Mediation Program
Mediators are provided in Fayette Family Court each Friday for Family Motion Hour at no cost. Persons appearing on the docket for motions to be heard may be referred to mediation by the judge. These mediations are limited to 1 hour and may be continued at The Mediation Center.

Cooperative Parenting and Divorce Class
This is an 6-week educational course designed to improve the quality of the parental relationship in situations of divorce. Unrelenting parental conflict is the single most common cause of poor adjustment in children following a divorce. The overall emphasis of Cooperative Parenting & Divorce is to offer children the opportunity to grow in a home environment free from being caught in the middle of their parent’s conflict. For children’s sake, learn more about this thoughtful and practical program.


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