Client Comments

Here is what a few of our participants have had to say about mediation...

"After my experience at the Mediation Center of Kentucky I sure changed my mind about mediation. At first I thought it'd be a waste of time. Now I know it really is good and it works. Our two mediators were wonderful. I never thought we'd get anywhere in mediation but we settled and all of us left feeling relieved and happy."
Mary Little, Mediation Participant

"Let the public be more aware of this wonderful process..."
Joyce Kennoy, Family Mediation Participant

"I had no idea how wonderful (mediators were) until I was actually on the bench."
Maria Ransdell, District Judge

Here is what class participants have had to say about The Cooperative Parenting & Divorce Class….

“This should be required for every couple that is going through a divorce.”

“I started out angry because I had to attend these because we could not agree on visitation. It took several sessions but my leader helped me to realize that you never stop learning when it comes to raising happy, healthy children. I cannot thank them enough.”

“I began the class thinking our parenting relationship could not be helped/resolved. I now know I can make a positive difference….This is a wonderful class. Also I have learned to pay close attention to my child’s reactions”.

“Excellent class. I think I’ve come a long way in the past 8 weeks as far as realizing the importance of my child to have a loving relationship with both parents”.

“I think it was a great class. It made me think of the kids and put my feelings for their father aside.”

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