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Welcome to the Mediation Center of Kentucky's web site! If you are looking for solutions to disputes in your life, I urge you to try mediation. Hundreds of people use our services each year and find mediation to be a satisfying experience. Please click on About Mediation above to find out more about this growing dispute resolution process.

We offer mediation for civil or general disputes that may be faster and more affordable than the traditional litigation process.

We offer mediation for family disputes that may arise through divorce or post divorce issues such as property or time-sharing. Mediation can also be an option in other family issues such as guardianship, family business or estate disputes. Mediation offers a non-adversarial process that often preserves or repairs relationships.

Our eight week Cooperative Parenting and Divorce Class is a popular option to which judges, attorneys and counselors refer families to develop better communication skills. Judge Lucinda Master ton of the Fayette Family Court is one of many judges who routinely refer parents to the Cooperative Parenting class.  She states that:

“this class offers a softer, kinder experience to get them (the parents) thinking more about how their adult conflict is affecting their children.  Many of the families referred to this training then disappear from the Court’s view because they have learned how to work with each other to resolve their conflicts.  It is rare that there is not a dramatic shift in how they approach parenting issues after participating.”

Here are what some of our recent participants had to say about their experience in the class:

“Should be a requirement prior to marriage”.

“I looked forward to coming”.

“Should be initiated immediately after one party files for divorce and be required by both co-parents-would save time and $”

“Was a very good class.  Would like to have done this at the beginning”.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class and would highly recommend it to anyone going through a recent separation or divorce”.

“One gift I can give divorcing couples is effective decision-making skills for their children. This program is a great opportunity for them to have that chance” Judge T. Jackson Brown, Superior Court, Fulton County, GA Click on List of Programs for a more complete description of the class.

For more information about the Mediation Center or its services, please contact us by phone or e-mail. Thank you for visiting our web site!

Patience Jazdzewski
Executive Director


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